Client Brief:

We devised a comprehensive YouTube campaign tailored for our esteemed client, The College of Naturopathic Medicine. Our responsibilities stretch beyond mere channel management, encompassing the production of high-quality video content. A pivotal component of our brand augmentation and promotional tactics is the Podcast series. This features dialogues with leading natural health professionals, hosted by representatives from the college.

See below for more examples of the full campaign.

Our Approach:

A key digital leverage point in our campaign has been the integration of weekly Instagram reels. These snippets, strategically introduced to the brand’s social platforms, serve dual purposes. First, they boost the brand’s visibility and engagement on Instagram. Secondly, they act as a funnel, driving organic traffic back to the YouTube channel. This results in a marked increase in subscription rates, website traffic, and queries. Our metrics paint a vivid picture – with the YouTube channel amassing over 250,000 views monthly and select Instagram reels going viral, with one peaking at an impressive 1.3 million views.




  • Comprehensive Podcast Video
  • Podcast Audio in Full-Length
  • Various Social vertical Reels