Client Brief:

We had the distinct honour of producing a documentary film commemorating the annual Dunkirk Crossing, a tribute to the remarkable World War II event. Our mission, as envisioned by our client, was not just to document the occasion but to deeply honour the unparalleled courage and determination displayed decades ago.

We captured the majestic presence of the surviving vessels from that historic rescue mission.

Additionally, our aerial cinematography and photography showcased one particular ship, which later graced the pages of Vanity Fair in a notable ad campaign.

Our Approach:

In producing this film, our lens was keenly focused on the deep bonds between the captains and their vessels, illustrating how a modest fleet could leave an indelible mark on history. It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of courage and resilience, proving that even in the gravest circumstances, determination can shine through.

Our visual narrative was meticulously crafted using steadicam operations and sweeping aerial cinematography. The poignant climax of the film introduces the audience to the last three war veterans from the original mission. The emotional crescendo is their heartfelt return to the Dunkirk shores, their first since that fateful day in 1940.




  • Full length film
  • Aerial photography